Media Management

Media Management
Author : B.K. Chaturvedi
ISBN: 978-93-81695-09-8
Edition: 1st
Year: 2016
Pages: 380
Size: 7×4
Publisher : Global Academic Publishers & Distributors
INR 0.00
INR 495.00


About the Book

Media Management is one of the growing disciplines of study and more and more colleges and universities are teaching media management courses, mostly in response to student’s needs and their requests. In this flourishing field, there were no comprehensive reference books in which media management student, scholars and teachers could get knowledge on media management theories and practices. After repetitive demand of the first edition book, author has decided to publish revised student edition and incorporated all the suggestions are given by readers. Its style is not scholarly in tone. If the chapters are based on research, the research is deemphasized and the results are written in an understandable and applicable style— applicability being the main focus of this volume. There are chapters about television and newspapers, legal issues and mergers, and sexual harassment that any organization will find useful in profession and policy making.

About the Author

B.K. Chaturvedi MBA from University of Calcutta and Ph.D. from Uttakal University (Bhubaneswar) is a noted scholar of Business Management and specializing in media management. He has vast experience of conducting, coordinating and reviewing impact assessment of development projects in various business sectors. He has contributed significantly both nationally and internationally in building the technical capacity in the field of media management through his professional inputs in academic and training programmes. He has also served as consultant on several corporate houses for business appraisal of development projects, and worked as a consultant for several international agencies. He was a senior lecturer and faculty in-charge of I.P. College, Ghaziabad. Presently he is teaching media management in U.V. College of Engineering, Bangalore.

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