Client Server Computing

Client Server Computing
Author : Devendra Kumar
ISBN: 978-83-81695-15-9
Edition: Revised
Year: 2015
Pages: 220
Size: 8×6
Publisher : Global Academic Publishers & Distributors
INR 250.00
INR 250.00


About the Book

Client Server Computing is a subject that is an integral component of the ubiquitous network computing and soft computing paradigm. This book starts with explaining the fundamentals of client server technology and finally leads to much detailed discussion on-  client server computing, client server architecture, detailed server functionality,  communication interface technology, client server database, connectivity, wide area network technologies, network topology, data storage, network protection devices, system administration, data administration, network management, LAN and network management issues and remote systems management security. This book has been designed for MCA & BCA students and covers the complete course contents of MCA & BCA curriculum of GBTU, UKTU and other Indian technical universities. Hope this book will be useful for teachers and professionals too.

About the Author

Devendra Kumar, MCA, M.Tech(IT), is working as a Senior Assistant Professor in MCA Department at ABES Engineering College, Ghaziabad (UP). He has more than eight years of teaching and software industry experience. His various papers have been published in reputed research journals and has authored two books. He has attended and presented papers in several national and international conferences and seminars. His area of interest includes UNIX, IT, operating system, data structure, DBMS, networking and client server computing.

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