The Beginner’s Cook Book: Sweets

The Beginner’s Cook Book: Sweets
Author : -
ISBN: 81-8220-036-9
Edition: 1st
Year: 2004
Size: 7×4
Publisher : Global Academic Publishers & Distributors
INR 100.00
INR 100.00


This book is a comprehensive guide and reference of cooking having 184 selected Indian, Mughlai and Western recipes of sweets with high nutritional value and delight. This book, although primarily meant for students and the trade, will appeal to the housewife whose wishes to improve her repertoire and introduce variety into daily food of her family. It is a book where one can find the recipes that are made mostly in many homes.

The collection comes from all over the country and presents complete diet for the whole nation. This book, which gives a comprehensive selection of recipes not only from different regions but also standardised recipes of gourmets’ favourites found in the menu of the great restaurants of the world, will be an invaluable asset to all hotels interested in serving authentic and high class cuisine.

It is our hope that the reader will find the materials in this book useful and interesting, since our ultimate goal is reader satisfaction.

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