Malavikagnimitram (Malavika and Agnimitra)

Malavikagnimitram (Malavika and Agnimitra)
Author : Kalidasa
ISBN: 81-8220-027-X
Edition: 1st
Year: 2004
Size: 7×4
Publisher : Global Academic Publishers & Distributors
INR 130.00
INR 130.00


About the Book

Malavikagnimitram is the first play of Kalidasa composed in five Acts. It is the story of King Agnimitra’s love for Malavika, an unknown beautiful girl living in the royal harem. She was proficient in music and dance. This play is a court comedy of royal love, in which harem jealousies and court intrigues mingle to raise romantic situations of love, amusing scenes of confrontation and a merry, light-hearted air which are thoroughly enjoyable. It is truly the author’s ingenuity, skill and ability for scheming that enable Agnimitra to meet Malavika and finally win her as his wife and queen. In spite of his political direction in matters of State, Agnimitra appears as a passive hero, thoroughly dependent of Vidushaka his minister for the success of his love affair. Kalidasa’s skill in creating dramatic situations is beyond doubt. Despite several defects, the play bears the unmistakable stamp of Kalidasa’s workmanship.

About the Author

Kalidasa us one of the greatest classical Sanskrit poets and dramatists of ancient India, but very little known about his life and time. The writing of Kalidasa reveal that he was a pious Brahmana of Ujjain, and had acquired a knowledge of the various branches Brahmanical learning. His versatile genius, his acquaintance with court etiquette, his shrewdness, his modesty, not without a due sense of self-respect, and his poetic talent are very well reflected in all his works, which are: Malavikagnimita, Vikramorvasiya, Abhijnana-Sakuntala (dramas) and poems like Raghuvamsa, Kumarasambhava and Meghaduta. Both in drama and Poetry, Kalidasa stands not only unsurpassed but even unrivalled.

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