Entrepreneurship Development

Entrepreneurship Development
Author : Monica Loss and F.L. Bascunan
ISBN: 978-93-81695-57-9
Edition: 2nd
Year: 2015
Pages: 694
Size: 8×6
Publisher : Global Academic Publishers & Distributors
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INR 395.00


About the Book

The 2nd edition of Entrepreneurship Development reviews the conceptual development entrepreneurship management and its practical application in an entrepreneurial institution. It is redesigned into fourteen chapters to meet the needs of entrepreneurship development courses in professional studies. Its objective is to present a clear, realistic, and contemporary perspective of entrepreneurship. Accordingly, the subject matter reflects major innovations and advancements in shaping contemporary thought and practice of entrepreneurship development. The scope in this edition is being altered to reflect developments such as increasing social responsibilities, changing governmental relationships, and the internationalization of business organization. The approaches are being restructured as a result of the current emphasis on contributions of the behavioral and social sciences, quantitative methods, and technological analysis. The content is being modified by the appearance of the new concepts, models, theories, courses, and curricula. All the materials included have been tested carefully in courses at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels of entrepreneurship management. This textbook analyses all the course materials in a very brief and compressed manner as required for the examination.


About the Authors

Monica Loss, a Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship in Yale School of Management, New Haven, specializes in competitive strategy, microeconomic theory, industrial organization, the economics of regulation and antitrust, and nonprofit strategy. She did her B.A. form Hofstra College in 1970 and Ph.D. from Harvard University in 1974. She is associated as a consultant with Boston Scientific, Health Care REIT, and several organizations. She has written several books and research papers on the regulation of business and competitive strategy.

F. L. Bascunan is an Associate Professor of Management in Odette School of Business, University of Windsor. Her research interests integrate marketing, strategy, organizational behavior and entrepreneurship. Her research is an intersection of different research fields, and she strongly believes there is a need of significant contribution in a cross-boundary knowledge-building approach. For example, entrepreneurial and marketing strategy literature is dominated by organizational level theory, and can be enriched by the integration of individual and interpersonal knowledge. Furthermore, she is interested in the management problem of how individual employees influence the successful development and implementation of a strategic orientation.

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