Business Ethics and Corporate Governance: A Textbook with Cases

Business Ethics and Corporate Governance: A Textbook with Cases
Author : Hasnain Baber
ISBN: 978-93-81695-27-2
Edition: 1st
Year: 2015
Size: 8×6
Publisher : Global Academic Publishers & Distributors
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INR 250.00


About the Book

Although the ethics of business has been a hot topic in the media and around the water cooler in recent years, but people who are interested in this field have few non academic resources to get information and guidance. In this book, an effort has been made to fill that void. Everyone subscribes to his or her own ethical philosophy, but author have made a conscious effort to present the information in this book— particularly the practical tips and recommendations— so that they are useful no matter what your personal ethical philosophy is. In other words, he does not try to steer you towards any specific ethical beliefs; instead, he show you how different philosophies view certain ethical questions and explain the solutions those different philosophies may come up with. Author recognizes that there’s a big difference between theory and practice, so he also includes lots of real-world examples of business ethical decisions from the good to the not so good. This book will help to those who are managing companies now and who will be running them in the future.

About the Author

Hasnain Baber is one of the renowned Assistant Professors in School of Business Studies, Islamic University of Science and Technology, J&K. at this young age and is known for teaching Production and Operations, Finance and Business Ethics. He is a management post-graduate from Central University of Kashmir and has chosen for teaching as his career. He has completed his graduation from University of Kashmir in computer applications. Mr. Baber has published various research papers are highly acclaimed in the world of research.

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