Uttararamacharita (The Later Story of Rama)

Uttararamacharita (The Later Story of Rama)
Author : Bhavabhuti
ISBN: 81-8220-025-3
Edition: 1st
Year: 2004
Size: 7×4
Publisher : Global Vision Publishing House
INR 120.00
INR 120.00


About the Book

Uttararamacharita by Bhavabhuti (7th Century) deals with the history of Rama,s later life, beginning with his coronation, the abandonment of Sita, and their final reunion. Bhavabhuti says he has only given a dramatic form to the Ramayana Katha of Valmiki. It is true that the main characters and events in this play are drawn from the Ramayana, but the changes in characters and happenings Bhavabhuti has made, including the happy end, cannot all be ascribed to the demands of the dramatic form. Bhavabhuti has, in fact, presented the Rama story with a new motivation within an overall design implying purposeful art.

About the Author

Bhavabuti, an emient dramatist, was born in a Brahmin family and patronised by Yashovarman, a king of Kannauji (725-752 A.D.). He was an unusually self-aware artist and his plays are full of echoes of one another, and it seems certain that sometimes these are intended to awaken echoes in his audience’s mind. As a dramatist, Bhavabhuti realises the ideal in human terms within the wider context of the human quest for self-fulfilment.

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